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Nuremberg stuff :)

So nyaow told me I needed to post something here... And I agree, I do!

Well, I still can't find the cables for my camera, or indeed, the camera itself :S However, I do have some resource pictures of what my current project is. It's an early German renaissance dress, the style of which is fairly specific to Nuremberg and its surrounding area.

This Photobucket.
(The Ill Assorted Couple- Albrecht Duerer) is the one that inspired my love for this style. See the fullness of the skirt! The whacky pleats! The chain and brooches across the bodice! The alien-queen hat!

This Photobucket.
(Aristotle and Phyllis- Master of the Housebook) is the one that shows the entire outfit I'd like. While slightly earlier, and thus showing some differences in the style of the gown, I adore everything about what she's wearing from the nappy-hat with braids poking out, to the schaube (trenchcoat thingy), to the pointy dainty tips of her pointy dainty shoes. Also, the total minx attitude this lady has is just awesome.

I have made this style before, but as it was the first dress of its kind made in Aneala (W.A., for non-SCAdians) I was a bit clueless and so were the ones helping me. It was also made of cotton poplin, a very lightweight fabric, because I wanted a nice, lightweight dress- but of course, these are supposed to be made out of wool and other heavier weave fabrics to keep you warm in the European winter... so it looks a little weird.

After a brief search of all the photo archives I could find, I only found Photobucket which isn't all that flattering and doesn't show off the dress at all. That's me in the green, standing to the left of their Excellencies on the thrones, for those of you who don't know me in real life. The awful slouch is because it was the final morning of Pencampwr, and I was all worn out. The weird way the skirt is hanging in front is because I'd hitched it up over my belt a little so I wouldn't trip while I was packing up camp.

Anyway, the one I'm currently making is looking much better; I'm making it out of a royal blue cotton-linen blend, and it hangs beautifully. It is also fully lined with hand-dyed red linen, which I hope will look stunning when I hitch the skirt over my belt :)

Pictures will be up as soon as I've got them!
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