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Pattern drafting

Warning: Many images.

One of these days, I'm going to have to do a pattern drafting course. In the mean time, I seem to be muddling along okay :) I'd never have got as far as I have if I hadn't found cutting diagrams for Mary of Hungary's wedding dress:

I've had a big sewing day today. I started out by checking the cutting diagram actually had everything in proportion by making a little paper cut-out version of the bodice...

Image hosted by

Okay, I probably didn't need to do that, but it was fun anyway. I almost wish I had a Barbie to dress in it.

This dress is a bit different to the one I'm making- my finished dress should look a little something like this:

Image hosted by

So, using a huge old Christmas tablecloth that was never going to see the light of day again for my mock-up, I spent most of today measuring, re-measuring, cutting, stitching, unpicking, re-stitching, and generally fiddling around until I got it kinda right. The best part of today was when I realised I was finished. Well, mostly, anyhow.

Image hosted by
As you can see, the mock-up only has one sleeve. The wonderful thing is, I don't need to make another- the joy of symmetry, and all that. One pattern piece will suffice. This is enough to let me know I've got the pattern right.

Image hosted by
(I took this one before I thought of putting my poofy shirt underneath; otherwise, the sleeves would look darn cool in this shot.)

Image hosted by
And a close-up of the wonderful sleeves, with poofy shirt underneath. Don't laugh too hard at the hideous Christmas print fabric.

This has been an absolute joy so far. It's a much easier pattern than I'd originally thought. I'm also pleasantly surprised at how easy the sleeves were. Something I hadn't previously thought about was that the puff/slash sleeves mean you don't have to tailor around the joints- YAY! Makes life a whole heap easier.

Another plus is that it's used a lot less fabric than I thought it would; approximately 6m has gone into this, total. I'll need a bit more than that (the skirt is short- look, toes!). But it's not so astronomically huge that I'll be broke for the next 10 years.

Tomorrow: starting on making a proper blouse to go underneath, and possibly fabric shopping for the Real Thing.
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